Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Febuary 15, 2010.

Ok. This is my first blog thingy. :) Right now i am sitting at my dad's writing this. Today I went to Ben Wheeler and hung out with my mom for a little bit. Then I had to go to South Side to deposit the comp check that has been sitting in my wallet for about two weeks now.... And now here i am. Alex is laying down taking a nap.... This weekend Jordan and I will be starting on the trailer in the back for Gma. I cant wait for it to be done, right now it is very stuffed in the house..... When I get home i got.... I forgot wheat I was going to say... lol.... maybe i will remeber sooner or later..... I am actually starting to write this so my family that I dont get to see very often can read what i am up 2. This valentines day was fun.... Jordan and I went out to eat and then came home for a 'romantic' night..... I was happy that we got to do something!! This past weekend I had to go to a double funeral in Humble. Then we got home safely, but then the next night I had to take Gma to the ER room.... What was wrong was that when you get older the skin aroynd the large intestente gets thinner and welk hers desided that it wanted to swell up like a balloon so they had to give her some antibiotics and pain medicine.... We were there for a good five hour or so.... She is doing better. I just hope that the antibiotics work and i dont have to bring her back. I have a pregnant kitty running around my house that is all black with our no outher color on her and full black fuzzy kitty got her pregnant. Its so cool.... Oh yesterday I got $700 dollars of meat that is really good. So i am done writing today. Will try to blog again tomorrow.... Love Yall.

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  1. I had a good time hanging out yesterday. I'm glad you and the baby were able to come by. Love you!